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41 Langstone road. Peverell,  Plymouth England United Kingdom PL2 3LY


Frances Hair & Beauty Salon was opened in May 2012 by Helen & Victoria, Mother & Daughter. 

HELEN FRANCES, myself, has been a beauty therapist since 2000, beauty has always been something I was interested in, but never did anything about it I got married, had children & moved to Salisbury and never got around to doing the training.  On returning to Plymouth, when my children we’re small and then having family around to help, I went back to college part time and trained as a beauty therapist.    

VICTORIA FRANCES went to Plymouth High School for girl, she left school at 16 and went straight into her hairdressing apprenticeship.  Victoria did her NVQ3 also barbering and more recently a colour specialist.

When Victoria was very young,  Granny Franny would come to visit, Victoria would be ready with hairbrush in hand saying  ‘play hairdressers Grandma’ and Granny Franny would sit and oblige for hours whilst Victoria brushed her hair.  Very brave of Grandma her hair would be wild afterwards, I’m pleased to say Granny Franny still has her hair done by Victoria and now it looks amazing with her purple streaks through it.

We had often talked about opening a salon together but never really thought it would be a reality.  In 2011 the salon in Langstone Road came up for sale, we went to have a look, still  thinking it wasn't possible, we loved it and felt right at home, when we went out the back and found a room in the garden it was perfect for a beauty salon .  We still didn’t think this could happen.  By chance the next day I met a friend for coffee who happened to be a business bank manager, she gave me the number of someone who helped people set up businesses. We met for coffee and chatted and before I new it, the house was on the market and I was in the middle of business plans and cash flow forcast. It didn’t take long and my house was sold and I was buying Frances Hair & Beauty Salon, I didn’t really have time to think about it.   I moved into Langstone Road  23rd December 2011, making it a interesting Christmas.

WHY FRANCES?  the lady who owned the salon before us had the middle name of Frances, so did Myself and Victoria, what a coincidence.  It's our family name, my mum, my grandfather first names & since opening we now have a smaller member of the family with the middle name Frances, and even our junior stylist has a small ‘Frankie’, her family name, also another coincidence. 


FAMILY & FRIENDS are  important to us!

We have a great team and consider them to be part of the family.  We are very proud and lucky to have the team we do.